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Iran's hospitality industry is in a perfect storm, with several factors potentially affecting business, sources said. The sources said they believe hoteliers along the Persian Gulf coast are most affected by the latest developments. They fear the good work of recent years will be undone after initially seeing a rise in bargain prices - seeking visitors from the Middle East and North Africa, the source said.

The Iranian market and new international operators entering the hotel sector are begging to get the country's workforce up to speed. Kaddouri - Landais said he was the first market player to have a responsibility to help promote a thriving hospitality industry in Iran.

Kaddouri revealed that Rotana is seriously considering opening a hospitality school and has already discussed the possibility with a third education provider. English - Language teachers will be available to teach commercial English to the new Iranian staff, and trainers from the Accor Academy in Dubai will work with them in the hotel and in the country's upcoming hotels.

Landais said Iran needs to review its Internet and credit card policies to meet its ambitious tourism goals. Kaddouri said it will take time for Iran's recreational tourism industry to grow, but he hopes the government will launch a more global advertising campaign to highlight the country's compelling offerings.

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The global hotel industry has been closely following Accor and Rotana's experiences in Iran since they ran the gauntlet in the wake of the 2015 Iran-P5 + 1 nuclear deal. The Iran deal that Obama pushed through has triggered a gold rush, and governments and multinationals around the world are eager to tap Iran's massive untapped trade potential. If the "nuclear deal" gets the go-ahead, industry analysts and experts alike expect a huge surge in new real estate signings.

Hewett says that while Iran has only 640 hotels, it has more than 1,000 luxury five-star hotels and luxury four-star hotels. The Rayhaan brand is in the Iranian market, "Kaddouri says. Cultural tourism is another growth driver, says Andrew Borhani, senior vice president and chief executive of the Iran Tourism Association. For Muslim travelers seeking an authentic experience of Iran's rich cultural and religious heritage, he adds to his conviction that Iran is also a true halal destination, as it is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Mashhad in the north and east of the country and Imam Khomeini in the southwest of Iran.

The Tehran hotel can really be converted from a five-star hotel to a boutique hotel, "he says. Guests have the opportunity to relax and dine in one of the hotel's luxurious restaurants and cafés, or celebrate special occasions in the luxurious banquet hall, which caters for guests of all ages, genders, ethnicities and religious backgrounds. The hotel also has a meeting room for up to 500 people and a private dining room with a fully equipped bar and lounge area.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular areas to visit when visiting Tehran. Experience and enjoy the best of Tehran and experience it for yourself with the best that Tehran has to offer!

The Palace is a luxurious five-star hotel, which is coupled with attractions with a unique feeling of home. Many rooms of various types have a private dining room, a guest house, an office and even a spa and fitness centre.

It is connected to the main airport terminal by a direct link to Dubai International Airport and the Dubai World Trade Center. Compared to the 657 hotels in Dubai, all of which are classified between four and five stars, the hotel has only 13 (3,089) rooms.

Golestan Palace and the National Museum of Jewellery are located on the second floor of the hotel, in the same building as the Dubai World Trade Center. Surrounding attractions include the Taj Mahal Palace, Dubai's Royal Palace and a number of restaurants and bars.

Real-time mugshots from around the country, including photos of the Iranian capital Tehran and other Middle Eastern cities.

Hotel Mobile (AL) is located on Airport Blvd, in the heart of Mobile, just off I-65. The hotel is located in a prime location in Tehran, north of the prime locations, just a few blocks from the International Airport.

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