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While shopping malls are dying in the US, Tehran is about to open one of the largest shopping malls in the world. The Iran Mall Grand Bazaar Iran is located northwest of Tehran, near Chitgar Lake and is designed as the world's largest shopping center. There are several mega-malls in Iran, including one in Tehran and two in Kermanshah, the capital of Iran's second-largest city.

By comparison, the Iran Mall covers more space than the Pentagon, and the compendium says it has 650,000 square feet of retail space, compared with the U.S. Pentagon's 1.2 million square feet of retail space.

The project to be implemented should represent an investment of 2.5 billion euros and it is the economic heart of Tehran and of Iran as a whole. There are not many retail chains in Iran, so most of the shops are run by locals, who often sell only Iranian-made goods. The founders hope that the mall will help boost exports from Iran by attracting Iranian manufacturers and traditional craftsmen. Imported and manufactured goods are sold not only in Iran's largest shopping center, but also in the world's second largest city.

The Grand Bazaar in Tehran, located on Panzdah Khordad Street, is home to some of Iran's most popular clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories brands. It is one of the most important shopping centers in the world and the largest shopping center in Iran.

With a decent view, this café in Tehran is also a great place to meet young Iranians, engage in open discussions or just observe the unique culture that takes place here. It is a social place for Iran's emerging middle and upper classes, as well as one of the country's best cafes, and a good place to meet young and educated Iranians.

If you feel like eating and have forgotten what special ingredients you can buy as a souvenir in Iran, try Persian Food Tours. Finally, we recommend that you inform yourself about money and purchases in Iran before visiting the bazaar.

If you are in Iran, you can use one of the many online shopping websites selling Persian handicrafts and sweet products. Here is a list of several supermarkets in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan that are busy on a daily basis. Iran Hyper Stars is very small compared to the mega shopping centers owned by Majid Al Futtaim in Dubai and operated by the Dubai Hyper Mall Group LLC, which has opened several hypermarkets in Delhi, Mumbai, London, Dubai, New York and London under the name Hyper Star.

The Iran Mall is built from natural and precious materials from the surrounding area, while the interior of the shopping center is inspired by the rich heritage of Persian art and culture. Based on the famous Bagh - Didar, one of Iran's most popular shopping malls, it is a cool and green place in the heart of Tehran where people can escape the constant shopping.

Visitors will also learn that the Iranian capital has many Western-style shopping malls, and new ones are added every year. The Grand Bazaar in Tehran is an old historical bazaar that still serves as a place where everyone comes to buy something. It is characterised by a wide variety of shops, from clothing and accessories to furniture, jewellery, clothing, footwear and clothing accessories. You will discover that the country is a shopping paradise, with its rich history, rich culture and great shopping opportunities.

There are currently over 2,000 shopping malls in Iran, and every two years an additional two million square metres of commercial real estate in Tehran will be added. The Arg Mall is the newest outside Tehran and will cover an area of over one million square meters in a suburb of Tehran. Tajrisch gives the complex a touch of sophistication, with a wide selection of shops, from clothing and accessories to furniture, jewelry, clothing, footwear and clothing accessories.

Before the Iran Mall was built, the largest shopping mall in the world was the South China Mall in Dongguan, China. Iran's shopping center is the second largest in Iran after the Arg Mall, with a total area of over one million square meters.

The Palladium has 14 cinemas where you can shop, relax and shop, and is part of the world's largest shopping centre with over 1 million square metres of retail space.

If you're careful, the Tehran subway is one of the best places to see Iran's propaganda, and being cheap and easy to use, it's also a bonus for tourists. Throw in some good food and drink, a great shopping experience and some good restaurants and you start to see why Tehran is the only destination in Iran you absolutely must not miss. Whether you are visiting tourist attractions, hiking through beautiful landscapes or walking through various cities across the country, shopping in Iran is something that can show you the true side of your country. Shopping in Iran's busy bazaars is a unique experience, which is only made more important by the quality of the goods on offer.

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