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Here in seven hostels Iran we have done our best to make your trip to Iran as pleasant as possible by compiling the most useful Iran travel guides. To help you travel safely and comfortably to Iran for as long as you want, below are all the things you need to know about Iran and its people to help you get started, so that you can make your trip to Iran as comfortable and easy as possible. Check out our proposed itinerary for Iran in 2 weeks, which includes many places and try them out! If you're a fan of street food, make sure you visit the old Muslim restaurant in Tehran's Grand Bazaar. 30th Tir Street, near the National Museum of Iran, is a famous restaurant in Tehran, and the first street in Iran (Sepah Street) is located in the middle of the city.For more information about this restaurant, please visit the website here.

Here are some excellent other city guides to continue your trip to Iran, or you can just check out our list of top activities in Iran. Add all the sights in Iran to your list, and you have plenty of options to explore the busiest bazaar in the ancient city.

If you are interested in the history of the region, add a visit to the National Museum of Iran to your list of activities in Tehran. It doesn't matter if you're a history buff or not, but you'll definitely be interested in the end. Plan your trip through this incredible site, which will surely be one of our Iran highlights.

The Museum of the Islamic Era is one of the most important museums in Tehran, and there are two buildings, including the National Museum and the Museum of Sacred Defense, both in the same building. The Holy Defense Museum of Iran is one of the things you can do in Beijing, but it is the one with the best view of Tehran and its surroundings.

The bazaar covers twenty square kilometres and is a Bozorg - e Teheran is absolutely one of our most popular tourist attractions in Tehran. The Azadi Tower is located on Azad Square (Meidan - Azadi), which with its 65,000 square meters is the largest square in Tehran and probably also in Iran.

This provides the upper class with a suitable place to visit Tehran, to buy their favourite Western brands and to enjoy exotic foreign dishes. With decent views, Tehran's cafes are also great places to meet young Iranians, have open discussions and just observe the unique culture that takes place here. Writing a list of the best things to do in Iran is just another way that the people of Iran can make your trip unforgettable. Meeting and eating with Iranians has been remembered as the most unique thing I have done in Iran and one of my favorite things in the world.

Tourism in Iran is improving every day and even a month is not enough to travel to Iran and enjoy its cultural and natural attractions. Contrary to the images that the media convey about Iran, Iran is one of the best destinations. This is hardly surprising, as it is an amazing country and millions of foreign tourists who travel in Iran consider the super hospitable Iranians to be the main tourist attraction there.

Of course, you have to spend at least three days in Tehran to see the truly magnificent Iranian bazaar. Tehran is included in almost every itinerary in Iran and deserves about two to three days of planning.

If you visit Iran, you should only see part of Tabriz Bazaar, but you must go to the bazaar in the city of Tehran. Tehran is also a great place to go shopping, and even if you don't have to buy anything, a visit to the Grand Bazaar of Tehran is always a highlight of your trip to Tehran!

It may not be as old as Isfahan, Yazd, or Shiraz, but it certainly does not lack palaces, mosques, and chaotic traditional markets. Tehran is also the largest city in Iran, and it is worth mentioning this list when you are visiting Iran. Go back in time and visit the Qaisariyeh Bazaar, which covers the entire city of Tehran, from the Old City to the modern city and even the ancient city itself. It is the cultural, economic and political centre of Iran And it is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

This well-developed Iranian capital is home to many attractions that would be on the list of attractions in Tehran. The Grand Bazaar in Tehran is one of the oldest bazaars in the world and is still used as a market where everyone can buy anything. The old historic bazaar was characterized by a great variety of shops, restaurants and even a large number of restaurants and cafes. One of the best museums in Tehran is the Tehran Jewelry Museum, located in the Central Bank of Iran in Ferdowsi Street.

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More About Teheran