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Iran is one of the most misunderstood countries for travellers, and the media do not want you to know about it. Here at Seven Hostels Iran, we have done our best to make your trip to Iran as pleasant as possible by putting together some of our most useful Iran travel guides. In this guide we will tell you something about the country, what it is like to travel through it and hopefully shed some light on another side of Iran.

Off the beaten track, you can find Iran Travel and Tourist Information here, or you can just try some of our top activities in Iran. Kerman, Iran - here are some excellent other city guides to continue your trip to Iran! Check out the 10 things Iranian tourists can find in Iran 10 Things to Do in Tehran, Tehran's most popular destination.

Jahan is one of the most important places to start your visit when you travel here for the first time. There you have it, take a look at the top 10 Iranian activities 10 things to do in Tehran, Tehran's most popular destination.

The bazaar covers twenty square kilometres and is a Bozorg - e Tehran is absolutely one of the most popular places in Tehran and the largest in Iran. Kashan is a place that is often left out of a sightseeing tour of Iran, mainly due to lack of time.

The UNESCO-listed Golestan Palace is one of the best places in Iran and also the most famous in the world. If you are travelling to Iran, you should definitely spend some time in our capital Tehran. Not to be missed is Hafez's mausoleum, also known by Iranians as Hafezieh, which Iranians also call "Fhazeziesh," a place to visit. This is the city of poets and should definitely be included in any list of places to visit in Iran.

The Iranian prisons during the Iranian Revolution and the women who survived them, as well as a number of other historical sites in Iran.

Some travel all the way from mainland Iran to the south to discover the beauty of the Persian Gulf. The millions of foreign tourists who travel to Iran consider the super-hospitable Iranians to be the most important tourist attraction in Iran. Iranian citizens and foreigners living abroad are often also the leisure tourists arriving from abroad who return to their home country.

If you want to use travel insurance to obtain an Iran visa, make sure that Iran is clearly on your list and you know that it is being processed.

British travel to Iran means you have to travel through Iran to get a visa, even if there is no Iranian embassy in the UK. In countries that have come into conflict with Iran, such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Yemen, you may find that you do not get an Iran visa if you are in an Iranian embassy. Iranian embassies are very sensitive when they are hostile to you and your family and friends in Iran.

If you want to apply for a visa and where you can apply for it, you will need to seek advice from a local travel agent or travel agent in the UK or US. Iran issues tourist visas to British and US citizens, issued by officially recognised leaders on every visit to Iran. For everyone else, you can use 1stquest, which provides basic travel services for travel to Iran. Iranian travel agencies and local providers will inform you at the time of planning and travel with accompanied tours.

If you are unable to travel to Iran alone, consider a tour with a local travel agent or travel agent that you have heard of. An alternative is to book a hotel with an Iranian travel agency and book the hotel with them before travelling.

If you are looking for travel insurance for your trip to Iran, I recommend 1stquest.com, which is one of the best sites to buy travel insurance for Iran. Come2Persia is a certified and reliable Iranian travel agency, operated by a trusted Iranian friend. Diana, a globetrotting detective, has also travelled to Iran twice as a woman alone and has other useful tips for your trip to Iran! When I met her in Georgia, she travelled with me to Georgia and we came to the country together.

Either way, remember that the Iranian government tends to block all kinds of travel sites, so please work with 1stquest to try to connect with Iran. Still, couchsurfing is enormously active in Iran, and you shouldn't be surprised if Iranians invite you to stay with them and their families.

I decided to go to Iran to meet some amazing Iranians and have a chance to behave while chatting with them about their country and culture. The last time I was in Iran, I stayed with a group of friends for a few days and shared my experiences with many of my friends while traveling through Iran. I have heard from other evaluators on the site that Iran is a hospitable country, but I had no idea How was a Westerner's Iran until the last weeks of the trip.

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More About Teheran